Courageous Group Direct

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Courageous Group Direct in Tampa Florida will be holding its first fundraising event to help and assist children attending their FIRST year in college. These children are to be helped with scholarship funds, what makes them special is that we are Cancer Survivors Warriors and we wish to help the children that have families that cannot assist them within their first year in college.

All interested candidates must submit an email to SecondChance@courageousdirectgroup.comor call 813-441-2081. We are based in Tampa Florida at 1020 West Busch Boulevard Tampa 33612. Scholarships will run from $1,000 to $10,000 per candidate.

My name is Linda Simmons, I live in the Tampa Florida Bay area I am a Cancer - Warrior - Survivor, currently going through this terrible disease and WE wish to help as many children as we can, my Company name is Courageous Group Direct you can also reach us on our Facebook page - Courageous Group Direct.

In addition to providing scholarships, our company will also assist with resumes, mock interviews, and job placement to get back into the workforce.

Please pass the word and let's try and help as many children as we can, the sky is the limit to learn and be successful! THANK you God bless.