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Request for Interview Process: 

Follow these steps to ensure an efficient application process. We schedule interviews with candidates that we feel are a best for the positions.

  • We are hiring for by appointment only, Monday – Friday
  • You must have Skype and be ready to log in at the time specified by your Employer Developer / Recruiter
  • You must dress for success during this interview
  • Be prepared, Be mindful of your body language
  • We will not interview applicants who are late in the login process
  • EXHIBIT GOOD MANNERS AND ATTITUDE! All together, they tell us who you are and what you will bring to our clients. We want the best.

Make your Interview Count!

BE ON TIME! Early is better, being late gives a bad impression. Even further, being late without calling in advance will disqualify you from the process.
Send in your Resume or CV to:


We specialize in recruiting in the following Professional industries 
*Admin & Executive
*Customer Service
*Human Resources
*Accounting & Finance


We specialize in recruiting in the following Medical industries 
*Medical Billing and Coding
*Office Managers

*RN, LPN's, CNA's, MA's



We specialize in recruiting in the following Trade industries 
*Information Technology
*Industrial & Commercial


Getting To Know You.
First contact happens in many ways. It could start when you submit your resume or give us a call. We could meet at a workshop, University, Career fair or Skype.
Forming relationships is the most important part of our work, so we want to get to know you. Before we match you to a position, we need to know your skills, personality, and career goals. A member of our team will interview you, and you’ll also complete a questionnaire. Our goal is to have a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for, as well as what you can offer to potential employers.

We evaluate all your career needs, from pay, benefits and hours, to the kind of culture you want to be a part of. We’ll also help you make decisions and focus on the things that are important to you in your career. Then we make sure that the opportunities we present to you meet those needs.
Your recruiter will also help prepare you for the interview process. Together we’ll focus on your strengths and touch on all the tiny details that can make or break the hiring decision. We’ll also coach you through asking the right questions so you’re able to tell if a position is right for you.
Matching is where the magic happens, and our goal is to make the best matches for you. If you’re perfect for several positions right away, we’ll share that with you. If we don’t already have the right opportunity for you, we’ll get in touch as soon as we’ve found what you’re looking for. We will always be in contact.
We’ll present some opportunities and you’ll choose which to pursue. Our team will set up the interview and manage the business details. We’ll even eliminate awkward conversations by negotiating pay and benefits for you.
At Courageous we use a full-disclosure approach, so you won’t be in the dark about the company you’re interviewing with. We empower you to learn about the company and its culture before your interview so you can truly evaluate each opportunity and what it means for your career goals.
No matter what the outcome, we’ll keep in touch. Until you get a job, we’ll repeat the consulting, matching, and placement process until you get where you need to be. When you do accept a position, we don’t forget you. We’ll follow up with you regularly to help you feel comfortable and get the most out of your new opportunity. If the position expires or you decide to leave, we’ll be happy to start the process all over again. This is, after all, a relationship.