Courageous Group Direct

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​​​Courageous Group Direct, LLC’s mission is to empower organizations and individuals in achieving business and career goals through high quality hires that will focus on providing optimal candidates who meet their requirements. 


Service:  We will provide exceptional service by putting the needs of the client first.

Trust: We will earn trust form those we serve and with whom we work by our commitment to safety, privacy and accountability.  We will maintain high ethical principles and integrity in business activities and decisions.

Attitude:   We will display a positive attitude through kindness to those with whom we interact.  We will encourage an exciting work environment that promotes Respect, Unity, Teamwork, and Dignity.

Respect: We will respect the dignity of everyone.  We will celebrate the diversity of our business and communities we will be serving in.

*Se habla español


  • Professional Search
  • Nationwide Comprehensive Background Check 
  • Criminal Records Check 
  • Employer References
  • DMV Check 
  • Professional License’s
  • Drug Testing 
  • Temp to Perm
  • Direct Hire


Courageous Group Direct, LLC. Is a bilingual service employment agency specializing in meeting the staffing needs of companies within its own industry.

We help our clients focus on their business by providing a turnkey staffing service. We handle all the work associated with finding and screening candidates for your openings. Courageous Group Direct, LLC’s clients know that their positions will be filled with highly qualified employees and that peace of mind allows them to focus on their daily or weekly operations.

First, we want to understand your company’s culture, establish the candidates’ specific requirements, desired qualities, and discuss a strategy for filling your need.

Second, after our exacting standards of excellence have been met will we present our top candidates for your final decision.

Curious about our logo?

Courageous Group Direct was founded by a breast cancer survivor! So, not only do we have decades of experience in high-quality staffing, we are PROS at overcoming obstacles. Join our community and let us help you overcome yours.